Manage your Company’s Annual Compliance

Simplifying the maintenance of Company’s Annual Compliance starting at Rs. 15,000/-


Company Annual Compliance

It is mandatory for every company incorporated in India whether public or private to file the various e-Forms along with the necessary documents with the Registrar of Companies.

Annual filing of the company includes all the documentation related to the filing of financial statements and Annual return which consists of information that includes the Financial Statements of the company, Certifications(if any) Registered Office Address, Shares and Debenture details, Register of Members, Debt details and information about the Management of the Company. The annual return would also disclose the shareholdings structure of the Company, changes in Directorship and details of the transfer of securities. Mybizaid helps with your Company’s annual Compliance.

What is included in our Package?

1. Preparing & filing annual returns

2. Filing Financial Statements

3. Drafting and filing minutes for all meetings

4. Preparing share certificates

5. Maintaining Statutory Records

6. Drafting & filing directors’ interests in other entities

7. Appointment of Auditors

Procedure for Company Annual Filing

Company Annual Filing

Mybizaid files the mandatory annual return for your Company and maintains annual compliance with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Annual Return Preparation

Mybizaid will prepare the Annual Return for your Company based on the financials and performance during the previous financial year.

Annual Return Verification

Once the Annual Return is prepared in the requisite format, the Client’s Finance Team can verify the prepared annual return and affix the digital signature.

Project Finalization

Once the Annual Return is prepared and verified, the Annual Return can be filed with the Minsitry of Corporate Affairs along with the necessary attachments.

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