Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016

All you need to know about Real Estate Act,2016

The Government of India passed the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 on 26th March 2016, and all its requirements came into force from May 1, 2017.

Creators have been specified until the end of July 2017, to register their schemes under RERA. Similarly, real estate agents, who also fall below its realm, are still in the procedure of expressing themselves. Numerous states still need to inform the rules under the Act and most prominently for buyers, contractors/promoters require to register their projects under RERA.

Conferring to experts, enactment of RERA is likely to bring in limpidity in the sector. RERA will defend the interest of the homebuyer and safeguard timely transfer of projects.

Under the Act, constructors have to deposit 70 percent of the placid amount in an escrow account to certify that money is not abstracted from one project to another. There will be forfeits and penalties if the developer does not adhere to delivery guidelines.

Furthermore, controlling bodies and appellate courts have to be set up in each state to resolve builder-buyer disagreements within 120 days. Also, promoters will not be able to alter a project’s design deprived of buyers’ consent, and carpet area will convey a uniform definition – a mutual reason for builder-buyer disagreements.


For a very long time, home buyers have criticised that real estate businesses were irregular and slowly in favour of the contractors. RERA and the government’s standard code, the purpose of creating a more reasonable and fair contract amid the seller and the buyer of possessions, particularly in the firstmarketplace. RERA, it is expected, will make real estate acquisition modest, by carrying in better accountabilityand transparency, as long as that states do not thin the requirements and the soul of the central act.

The RERA will stretch the Indian real estate business its first watchdog. The Real Estate Act makes it obligatory for each state also union territory, to form its controller and edge the rules that will administer the effective of the regulator.

How will RERA be executed?

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Mitigation has informed 69 out of 92 sections of the Act and safeguarded the Act is imposed from May 1. Mutually on the Central and State governments are to verbalise rules under RERA within six months. A report in the Hindustan Times alleged that the HUPA Ministry would be in control of framing rules for Union Territories howeverfor Delhi, the rules will be set by the Ministry of Urban Development.

An authority — Real Estate Regulatory Authority — will be recognised by the government (Centre or State) within a year from today. These bodies will resolve on the grievances of buyers and contractors in not more than 60 days. Until the establishments are in place, Governments can label any officer as the provisional Regulatory Authority.

Madhya Pradesh by now has a Regulatory Authority in place. States like Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Rajasthan, and Punjabhave a short-term Regulatory Authority in place, held a report in Money Control.

How to list projects underneath RERA

  • Genuine copy of all endorsements, inauguration certificate, certified plan, layout plan, requirement, plan of development work, anticipated facilities, Proforma allocation letter, contract for sale and transference deed to be given when
  • Joiningfor project registration with RERA.
  • Compulsory registration of new and prevailing projects with RERA beforehand launch.
  • Registration of mediators/brokers with RERA.
  • Disagreement resolution within six months at RERA and RERA appellate trials.
  • Discrete registration of several phases of an individual project.
  • Contractorsto share facts of projects launched in last five years with position and reason for stay with RERA.
  • Appropriate updating of RERA website.
  • Maximum 1-yearpostponement in case of delay due to no liability of thedeveloper.
  • A yearly audit of project accounts by a CA.
  • Transference deed for thecommon area in favour of RWA.
  • Structure and land title insurance.
  • Project accomplishmentperiod

Applicable consequences under RERA

Applicable sections Offences devoted Applicable forfeits
Section 9 (7)
  • Registration secured through distortion or fraud
  • Violationof terms for which registration attained
Cancelation of Agent Registration Number
Section 62
  • Breaking of Section-9 & Section 10
Penalty of INR 10,000/-day during which the default endures extending up to 5% of cost of unit sold
Section 65
  • Infringement of orders of RERA establishments
Forfeit up to 5% of cost of unit sold
Section 66
  • Breach of orders of Appellate Tribunal
Detention for up to 1 year or with fine encompass up to 10% of cost of unit sold

How can agents become RERA acquiescent

  1. Section 3: Organizer cannot advertise, book, sell or proposal for sale, without registration with RERA.
  1. Section 9:
  • No mediator can sell any project deprived of obtaining RERA registration.
  • Agents’ RERA number desires to be standard in every sale simplified by him.
  • Registration wishes to be rehabilitated.
  • Registration can be cancelled or blocked if any breach is made to circumstances of filing for a stated time.


Author: CA Parul Gupta
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