TDS Return

File your TDS Return. Mybizaid can help prepare and file TDS Return at Rs. 750/- per return.


TDS Return Filing

TAN Number is Tax Deduction and collection Account Number. It is a 10 Digit Alphanumeric Number. Each assessee is liable to deduct TDS and required to apply for TAN No. and quote this number in all TDS Returns, TDS payments and other communications regarding TDS with Income Tax Department. Inability to do so attracts a penalty of Rs. 10,000. TDS Returns are to be submitted quarterly. Mybizaid assists you to file your TDS Returns

TDS Return Filling Process

Document Collection

Mybizaid Team will collect the necessary information such as details regarding total tax deducted, purpose of deduction, challan deposited, details of the deductee etc. for preparation of TDS Return.

Return Preparation

Based on the documents and information provided, Mybizaid Team will prepare your TDS Return and send for your approval.

Return Filing

Once the TDS Return is verified and approved by you, we will file your return.

Acknowledgement Generation

After uploading the return Mybizaid Team will send you the generated Acknowledgment of the Return.

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